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Recommended Feeding Practices




  1. Change feeds gradually, at a rate of no more than 1 lb. of change per day.

  2. Clean water and free choice salt should be provided at all times.

  3. Weigh your feed...a "coffee can" of TDI-16 may contain 50% more weight than the same volume of oats.

  4. Adequate amounts of hay or pasture (free choice is ideal) should always be fed. Mature horses should receive 1 1/2 to 2% of body weight in hay or pasture each day (example: a typical 1000 lb. horse needs 15 - 20 lbs. per day).

  5. Do not mix sweet feeds, oats, or other grains with TDI-16 or TDI-12. It is not advisable to mix different commercial rations together. TDI-16 and TDI-12 are fortified and balanced for optimum nutrition. The addition of other grains only upsets the calcium/phosphorous ratio, cuts the vitamin and mineral levels, and ultimately lessens the expected results.

  6. Do not add vitamin/mineral supplements to TDI products. Additional supplementation could cause an imbalance or toxicity of certain key nutrients.

  7. Do not feed TDI products to sheep or other copper sensitive species.


For Specific Recommendations On Feeding TDI ProductsTo Your Horses, Please Call Us!

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