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TDI Product Analyses



When planning an equine nutritional program for your individual horse or facility, choosing a horse feed or supplement that compliments your forage program is the first step. Knowing the nutritional levels of your horse feed is critical in this planning. Following are the nutrient analyses of TDI’s primary horse feed and supplements.  For your convenience, we furnish them measured in two forms: (1), %, ppm and IU/kg on one chart and (2), g, mg and IU/lb on a second chart. This will allow you to compare TDI products with other rations. Quality feed companies should make nutrient information available on either the bag, feed tag and/or product brochure.

Intentionally, there are obvious differences in nutrient levels and nutrient ratios among the TDI products. Our TDI-10 and TDI-30 are horse supplements, often referred to as a Forage Balancer or a Ration Balancer, designed to be fed 2 lbs. per day for the average horse.  Our TDI-12 and TDI-16 are horse feeds,  designed to be fed 5 -10 lbs. per day for the average performance horse, lactating mare, stallion or growing horse.  Additionally our TDI Senior is designed to be fed to the senior equine, and can be fed as the total ration (without hay).

These levels are subject to change as current equine nutrition research shows changes should be made, and we will update these charts as changes are made.

We urge you to compare these nutrient levels with other feeds.  Also please note that the quality of any feed is based on the ingredients and the quality of ingredients utilized. If you add a quality vitamin / mineral package to an inferior protein source, growth and performance will be adversely effected. TDI ingredients are listed on the products page with each product. While many other companies will not furnish this amount of information, we believe that you as a customer for premium feeds have a right to know what is in them.  If you have questions, please contact us or call us at 1-800-457-7577.

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