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Our Philosophy on Feeding Horses

Horse feed and equine nutrition has always been the objective at TDI. Not merely to provide a line of horse feed, but to provide optimum nutrition for horses! TDI horse feeds are formulated to be fed in a manner most compatible with and most beneficial for the digestive tract of the horse - a grazing animal. Because of their quality, TDI products are fed in smaller amounts than most other horse feeds.


TDI mare and foal programs are fortified and balanced to reduce the incidence of nutritionally caused Developmental Orthopedic Disease, such as OCD, Contracted Tendons and Physitis in young growing foals.


All TDI horse feeds and supplements are nutritionally sound - no wild claims or secret ingredients. When dealing with advanced equine nutrition, there's no magic! Our horse feeds work because of high-quality ingredients, such as the highest grade of grains and high-quality vitamins and minerals. Balanced nutrient fortification levels with energy in relation to what the horse requires. TDI has not added nutraceuticals, such as joint compounds, or medications in our feeding programs. Nutraceuticals and medications must be fed at precise amounts, not adjusted up or down, as feeds are, to maintain body condition. Everything in our products have a purpose, based on honest, proven university research. The TDI product line has been developed by top University Equine Nutritionists. Plain and simple, if it isn't proven to help the horse, we don't add it to our horse feeds. Feeding horses like horses, that's the key to optimal nutrition!



Many firsts have been presented over our 40-year history. The first pelleted, fortified equine specific horse feeds available to the industry. The first low protein and high protein ration balancers available to the industry, the first pelleted horse feed with added fat. These are only a few of the many firsts that our dedication to the equine industry has provided.


TDI, Inc. offers a variety of feeds, each designed for a specific purpose. Every one of our products is a premium feed. We have not compromised quality on any of them just to offer a cheaper product. You get what you pay for, and with TDI, you get the best. TDI - Providing the industry with the highest quality feeds around the world!

TDI International Horsefeed
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